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Free Online Poker Sites – No Deposit Poker Games

All of us have heard the term “free deposit bonuses” more times than we can even count. But, interestingly enough, not many online poker players know what exactly it portends, while playing on free online poker sites. Unless you are already an expert and familiar with the rules, you might actually get misled.

No Deposit Poker Games

No deposit poker bonus games are those offering free money. However, it is not to be confused with virtual money. In no deposit poker bonus games you will get real money without having to deposit a penny of your own. I.e., when signing up at an online poker room offering no deposit poker bonuses, you will get a small amount of money to play with (usually $5). Contrary to common belief, this money doesn’t have to be used on poker. You may choose to withdraw it or to invest it. If you use it to play poker, you still get to keep it if you win. In comparison, there are also deposit poker bonuses. As the name suggests, the player is required to make a deposit before playing. The catch is that the latter offer better prizes. Each to their own!

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