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Welcome to Free Online Poker Sites, the ultimate source of all things poker. We always give our best to provide you with everything in one place: best articles, most trusted poker sites, basic and advanced tips and strategies, and regular poker world updates. Your feedback is what we value the most! Free Online Poker Sites strives to help every poker lover become a professional, earn big bucks, and never stop enjoying the game.

Poker History

What should we say about poker that hasn’t been said already? It has a thrilling history, to be sure, many aspects f which are still shrouded in secrets. Naturally, lack of resources is the problem, but of what we know we may make a reconstruction to some extent.  The game that would become poker was invented indeed a long time ago: ca. 900 A.D. in ancient China. It was a sort of dominoes with set of rules similar to that of poker of today (or rather, vice versa). It was quite a popular pastime, which evolved into the game of ‘domino cards’, introduced by the emperor Mu Tsung ca. 970 A.D. Another notable game played by ancient civilizations, in this case, Persians, is also believed to have been the predecessor of poker. It was called Nas, but the game rules are not common knowledge.

The next mention of a poker-like game came from the fifteens-century France, where the game of Pogue was frequented. It took it three centuries to arrive to Canada with French colonialists, whence it eventually reached the USA. The rules have changed since then, but there is no hint of a doubt that the game we call poker today is Pogue’s successor.

As for the term ‘poker’, it was introduced by Jonathan H. Green, a nineteen century prisoner. Green is also credited for bringing the first game of poker to the Mississippi River (where he went after being released), whence it spread further. Today, there are more poker variants than we can count, and the popularity of the game isn’t waning one bit.

Online Poker Rooms

Online poker rooms have only brought more fame to the game. Even people who didn’t use to play poker live have started enjoying online poker sessions. The reasons are easy to comprehend: gambling is fun and lucrative. On top of that, most poker players actually multitask, which increases the chances of winning for those who play it for prizes. Plus, we get to choose the time and place. With the development of the IT sector, money depositing and withdrawals are secure and available to everyone. If you are a beginner, you will surely be bewildered by the choice of online poker rooms, which are popping up but daily.

Free Online Poker Sites recommendations

We at Free Online Poker Sites have made sure to make the task of finding the best online poker room easy for you. namely, we have selected the best poker offers on the web: licensed, risk free, and bundled with free deposit bonuses. Sign up now at our trusted sites to maximize your online poker experience and capitalize on your skills!

free online poker sites

Free Online Poker Sites – No Deposit Poker Games

All of us have heard the term “free deposit bonuses” more times than we can even count. But, interestingly enough, not many online poker players know what exactly it portends, while playing on free online poker sites. Unless you are already an expert and familiar with the rules, you might actually get misled.

No Deposit Poker Games

No deposit poker bonus games are those offering free money. However, it is not to be confused with virtual money. In no deposit poker bonus games you will get real money without having to deposit a penny of your own. I.e., when signing up at an online poker room offering no deposit poker bonuses, you will get a small amount of money to play with (usually $5). Contrary to common belief, this money doesn’t have to be used on poker. You may choose to withdraw it or to invest it. If you use it to play poker, you still get to keep it if you win. In comparison, there are also deposit poker bonuses. As the name suggests, the player is required to make a deposit before playing. The catch is that the latter offer better prizes. Each to their own!

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